Kuala Lumpur Unleashed: Pawta’s Pet Food Delights the Crowd!

We’re thrilled to share the pawsitively exciting journey we embarked on in July 2023 as we packed up our bags and headed to Malaysia to exhibit at the Kuala Lumpur Exhibition. It was our first time showcasing our brand, Pawta, in Malaysia, and we were excited to share our love of pets with the Malaysian people.

As exhibitors, we had the incredible opportunity to showcase Pawta’s unique charm to the wonderful people of Malaysia. Our booth, adorned with colorful displays, displayed our ranges in which every item was crafted with love and a deep understanding of our furry friends’ needs.

We were overwhelmed by the positive response we received from our visitors. Visitors were impressed with the quality of our products and the range of options we offer. We also received a lot of interest from potential distributors and retailers.

Stay tuned for more adventures from the Pawta family, and remember, every wag and purr brings us closer to creating a world where pets and their humans thrive together! 🐾


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